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2Xideas UCITS – Global Mid Cap Library Fund

The 2Xideas UCITS  – Global Mid Cap Library Fund contains around 100 mid to large cap stocks with the potential to double over 5 to 7 years. These are the 2.5% best companies out of our global investment universe of around 4,000 stocks. The Fund is managed with a long-term investment mindset. About 20% of the constituents are replaced per year. 

In our Quarterly Reviews we explain the performance and portfolio changes and provide a summary of the research we have published during the quarter.


Since 30 April 2018, the performance shown below represents the live performance of the 2Xideas UCITS – Global Mid Cap Library Fund, Share Class S USD. The performance shown before that date is the total return of the 2Xideas Library Index (available on Bloomberg under TWOXLIB Index) since its inception on 1 January 2015, adjusted for the All-in Fee of 1.0% p.a. of Share Class S USD.

Monthly Returns in %

As of 28 Jun 2022


How to Invest

The 2Xideas UCITS - Global Mid Cap Library Fund is investable via different Share Classes, all of which offer daily liquidity and charge an All-in Fee. The Share Classes shown below are based on your selection of investor type and domicile (click to open).