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2Xideas SICAV-SIF – Global Mid Cap Select Fund

The 2Xideas SICAV-SIF – Global Mid Cap Select Fund is concentrated in 15-20 high conviction stock ideas, each of which has the potential to double (a "2X" return) over a time horizon of 5 to 7 years. This portfolio construction enables us to fully benefit from the potential of each stock, whilst retaining the diversification benefits of a portfolio approach. The entry decision for a new investment is based on our rigorous and extensive research process which culminates in the publication of an Investment Case.

In our Quarterly Reviews we explain the performance and portfolio changes and provide a summary of the research we have published during the quarter.


Since 31 March 2017, the performance shown below represents the live performance of the 2Xideas SICAV-SIF – Global Mid Cap Select Fund, Share Class B1 USD. The performance shown before that date is the net composite return of all accounts and investment structures invested in the 2Xideas Select strategy at that time.

Monthly Returns in %

Performance Chart