2Xideas is an independent research and investment firm focused on liquid public equities. Our mission is to find high-quality growth companies trading at a valuation offering investors the potential to double (2X) their money over a time horizon of five years.

We use proprietary screens to identify clusters of attractive businesses with the globe as our universe. These clusters are then assessed and, in a qualitative process, grouped into potential 2Xideas themes. Within each theme, we apply our 4M methodology to select companies with:


a favorable Macro tailwind,


a dominant and growing Market position,


a Moat allowing them to generate above average returns for the long-term,


and a strong Management team combining competence with integrity.

Companies which meet all four criteria are added to our 2Xideas Library. We take a long-term view and select those companies from the library with the most attractive growth/valuation profile over the next five years. These potential 2Xideas are analyzed in depth and further verified by performing channel checks.

Our research efforts lead to a comprehensive case report for every 2X idea which we offer to institutional clients on a subscription basis. Our research also forms the foundation for our concentrated 2Xideas Portfolio, consisting of the 15-25 current 2Xideas, which we offer on a performance-fee-only basis to private and institutional clients.

All 2Xideas partners have invested a significant part of their liquid net worth in the 2Xideas Portfolio on equal terms. Not charging a management fee and investing our own money fully aligns our interests with those of our clients and demonstrates our conviction in the long-term performance potential of our investment approach.